Dumped by Text

Once again, I heard wailing from the girls’ bathroom. When I went to check, there she was—a sophomore crying her eyes out.

Yep, she got dumped. By text.

Getting dumped is hard enough. But when you’re dumped by text, it feels like the final insult. In granny’s day, “Dear John” letters were bad. But at least “Dear John” letters had full sentences and started with the word “Dear.”

Sadly, both “Dear John” letters and text break-ups offer no face-to-face closure. This can leave the dumpee feeling lost, with massive unfinished business.

I did a very un-scientific survey: Is breaking up by text okay? Some girls waffled, not sure if it was cool or not. Others told me using a text to break up is for cowards. (Their words were more graphic…)

Way back in 2008, Katie Couric dissed the whole idea of being dumped by text on CBS News. Have things changed since then? Is it any more acceptable now?

I’d love to hear what you think. Is breaking up by text okay?

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2 responses to “Dumped by Text

  1. Jim

    Hi Brenda, interesting question. As the father of a 16 year old, I better never find out about him pulling a cowardly stunt like breaking up via text. If you have important news, deliver it in person. Looking forward to your next blog!

  2. I agree… I’ve seen too many tears over texts. Thanks for commenting.

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