Video Cameras in Bathrooms, Anyone?

My whole life has been spent in school. I’ve often moaned about the absence of outer doors on high school bathrooms. When I’ve asked about their lack, I’m told things like: “Kids might be smoking in there,” and “Who knows what might be going on.”

Well, for those kids who go to the bathroom to, um, only take care of business, it’s a bit unnerving to know your feet and God-knows-what-else might be peeking out for all the world to see. The school building we recently moved into already had the doors removed, and evidently they were sent to a Door Junkyard in the Sky because they’ve never reappeared.

I read an article in the paper this morning that made my jaw drop.  Evidently in various schools in London, video cameras are being placed inside the bathrooms! Not surprisingly, there’s been an outcry from the public. The powers-that-be say the cameras are needed to prevent bullying. (Which is a sad commentary in itself.)

It’s been announced that the cameras are nowhere near the toilet stalls. But then, it isn’t clear where the cameras actually are being placed.

And here I thought the no-door-policy was bad.

I’d love to know–how do you feel about frequenting school bathrooms that use video cameras?

Do you think they’re necessary?


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