Bullying Turned Upside-Down

We recently celebrated homecoming at my school here in Indiana. Emotions ran high as our royalty court drove across the field seated on the backs of shiny convertibles. All of us were on our toes waiting for a lucky princess to be crowned queen. Ah, the stuff of dreams.

Recently close by in West Branch, Michigan, another homecoming story was playing out. There, bullies had nominated a girl to be princess as a prank. One can only imagine the pain and embarrassment they were trying to inflict upon her.

But, it became the story of bullying turned upside-down! Instead of being bullied, this courageous young woman took on the challenge, stayed in the court, held her head high, and represented every one of us who have ever been ridiculed or harrassed or maligned. People came from far and wide to support her and cheer her on. What a glorious moment!

Stories like this just make a person feel good. They carry the power to bring hope and beauty and goodness to our lives. They are bright and shining stars.

What do you think about the courage of this homecoming princess? What would you say to her if you had the chance?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And as always, thanks for stopping by. . .


If you’d like to read the story on CNN, click here.



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4 responses to “Bullying Turned Upside-Down

  1. I saw that story on the news and thought the girl handled herself so gracefully. I would tell her to go after her dreams in life whatever they are and to know that mean people in high school are just a blip on the radar.

  2. My granddaughter was the victim of relentless bullying last year. Even her best friends turned on her, all because a boy liked her instead of another girl. The boy quickly retreated leaving her with a broken heart to top it off. I told her they only had as much power as she gave them and to try and not react or stoop to their level. I also advised her someone was watching how she handled the bullying because there’s never one victim, and they would draw strength from her. Turned out I was right and others rallied to her cause and the situation was eventually resolved, the bullies punished. This year has been a totally different experience. I’m so proud of her and the girl who took the opportunity to show off her strength. Great blog. Wished there were more success stories.

    • Your granddaughter sounds like an amazing person. And how blessed she is to have you in her corner. Yes, I agree–I wish there were more success stories. Maybe as students like your granddaughter set such positive examples, we’ll have more. Thanks for sharing! Brenda

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