Dating the Creep

He was my first boyfriend, and I was puffed out like a pigeon with pride. Finally, I’d landed a guy. Even more delicious—he was an upper classman. Me, a puny sophomore, had snagged a glorious junior.

Only one problem: he was a creep—a fact which my dear mother reminded me of repeatedly. I did notice he wasn’t too smart, and I did notice he was lazy and sloppy, and I did notice he had a leering manner. All of which bugged me. But, no matter. It was a small price to pay to be able to strut around school with a guy at my side.

It’s painful being a lowly sophomore. Even my new haircut and contacts couldn’t disguise the truth of my awkward inexperience. Nor did they help hide my nerdiness. Having this guy seemed to dispel some of the angst and take me up a tiny social notch.

My mother—in her terror of inheriting a slob for a son-in-law—upped her campaign to get me to dump him. I wouldn’t do it. Surprisingly, I’d grown oddly fond of the guy.

Two years and many loooooooooong lectures later, we finally parted ways.

Looking back, I learned a lot from the relationship. The main thing I learned was never to try to make someone “fit” me for the sake of making myself feel better. Whenever I think of him (which admittedly is almost never), I send him blessings and good wishes.

How about you? Ever lower your dreams to feel better about yourself? Ever try to make something work when it’s plainly not in the stars?  I’d love to hear about it.

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9 responses to “Dating the Creep

  1. Yes, I had a similar experience – but I was twenty-three years old. Old enough to know better. I had no boyfriends in high school or college, and I was working with a teacher, but had gone on exactly three dates. Then this guy started paying attention to me – when it suited him. He was a divorced father of one who kept telling me he needed to spend time with his daughter, and I bought it, because I was so happy to finally have a “boyfriend”. I found out about all the other women in his stable, but I hung on for two years, until his former roommate set me straight about him, as well as the way a guy should treat a girl. The former roommate and I have been married for 31 years.

    • Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who hung on for two years! It’s great to know that it turned out so well for you. Congrats on the 31 years. 🙂 (My hubby and I are on 34!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve noticed that kids today are ‘hooking-up’ a lot earlier than I remember kids doing so in my school years. I went ‘steady’ in the spring of my sr. year of h.s. but today I see kids in 6th grade going steady. With facebook and twitter, everything is very official too!

  3. I would buy her presents and leave them on her doorstep. I did that for four years. Our only contact was playing spin the bottle and little dances at various parties we both attended. Finally asked her out in 8th grade. To the prom. We danced, but i still couldn’t speak with her. Ha.

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