On-line Predators

Searching for teen news this week, I came across the following startling national statistics regarding online predators:

  • One in three kids is exposed to unwanted pornography
  • One in seven is sexually solicited over the Internet
  • One in ten goes to meet the predator

The normal plot is to chat with the kids first, grooming them for the abuse, getting their info, finding their interests; in general, becoming their “friend.” Often the kids chat with potential predators on their phones right in their homes—and because it’s “just” their phones, adults aren’t alerted to the danger.

I’d no idea it was so bad.  In the state of Vermont, they are attempting to lower those numbers with a public service announcement that admittedly will shock some parents. Hopefully, educating both parents and teens will help put an end to this abuse. And if Vermont has to shock us to do it; well, then shock away.

When I finished reading the report, I became more determined than ever to spread the word and do my part to protect the teens I know and love.

How about you? Were you aware the statistics were so high? Have you or any of your friends been targeted? Do you have any advice or wisdom to share with us?

I’d love to hear from you. And as always, thanks for stopping by.


To read the article about Vermont’s public announcement, click here.

If you’d like some good, clean reads, visit Astraea Press.   


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