Meet Laurie Bradach and Kim “Howard” Johnson!


Thank you for joining me today in welcoming the authors of The Dare Club, Laurie Bradach and Kim “Howard” Johnson.

It’s my pleasure to have them with us and share with you about their YA Middle Grade novel. Being a writer of YA contemporary, I found myself happily drawn into their book. Authors Bradach and Johnson certainly have caught the pulse of teen life in The Dare Club. Readers will easily “hear” the eclectic mix of teens and be caught up in their lives.

Nita is a gutsy, unique protagonist who shines in The Dare Club. Readers will be immersed in what seems to be normal high school life, but what then turns into daring suspense. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I urge you to grab a copy of this book–particularly if you have teens in the house or you need a gift for teens! Happily this is Book One of the series, so readers will be able to continue the romp.

Laurie and Kim will be awarding a $20 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. So, please take a moment to comment below for a chance to w

Read on:

BLURB from The Dare Club:

Nita Congroy has relocated to the most boring town on the planet. That is, until would-be boyfriend Brad Keeley spills the beans about a secret group of girls known as The Dare Club. During her subterranean initiation below the high school, Nita overhears a plan by contractors and school officials to embezzle millions of dollars in grant money. When she is betrayed, The Dare Club’s pranks become deadly serious.

With the clock ticking, Nita will need the help of her new friends to expose the chilling plot–and hopefully survive long enough to snag a date to the Homecoming Dance.

Excerpt from The Dare Club:

“So Mille mentioned a secret club…” Nita said, hurrying to stay beside him.

“That’s just a fantasy of hers,” Brad said. “She thinks there’s a club that’s responsible for all the pranks that happen around here. But it’s total fiction.”

“Too bad,” Nita mused. “A secret club would make school a lot more interesting.”

Brad separated and dumped the contents of his tray into the required trash bins. “It might, but it doesn’t exist.”

“Maybe I should start one,” Nita said. “An outsider with blue hair has nothing to lose, right?”

A smile broke across his face. “I like your hair.”

For an instant their eyes met; it could have been Nita’s imagination, but something seemed to pass between them. Interest? Too early to know, but she wanted to keep the channels of communication open and flowing.

Unfortunately, Nita was too nervous to think of anything else to say. That happened to her occasionally—well, pretty often. Especially around boys she found attractive.

She walked with Brad, feeling awkward, until she spotted something shiny near the kitchen doorway. Nita stopped to retrieve it—

It was the silver ankle bracelet the streaker had been wearing.

Dozens of charms dangled from it. Nita flipped past a grinning frog, a lemon, and a tiny hammer. What a strange combination. Black letters were interspaced between the links. She followed them around, C-L-U-B. She twisted the bracelet; the next letters spelled out the word D-A-R-E. Club Dare? No. She reread the letters in order from the clasp:


To her surprise, Brad had stopped too. He stood next to her, peering at the bracelet, looking ill once again.

“There’s no secret club?” Nita tried to modulate her accusatory tone. “You said it was fiction.”

“That, that…” Brad pointed at the bracelet and faltered. “Doesn’t mean anything.”

“It means there’s a club in this school that does daring things—like streaking through the cafeteria,” Nita said, in a low voice. “Is your sister in that club?

Read more about today’s authors, Laurie Bradach and Kim “Howard” Johnson:

Kim “Howard” Johnson has written comic books for Marvel, DC, and Event Comics. He is a director of improvisational comedy, an actor, and is rumored to hang around with the Monty Python gang. Howard’s other books include Monty Python’s Tunisian Holiday and The Funniest One in the Room.

Laurie Bradach has nearly escaped the world of comics. Currently, she devotes her time to writing action-adventure stories without the use of word balloons. She is active in her local Romance Writers of America chapter, Heart and Scroll, and is a founding member of Random Moon Books. Laurie is also the author of A Good Draw, a romantic suspense novel.

Howard and Laurie are delighted to have written their first book together without killing each other. Be sure to look for the second book in the series, The Dare Club: Lindy.

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17 responses to “Meet Laurie Bradach and Kim “Howard” Johnson!

  1. Mary Preston

    Everything says must read. I look forward to this & the rest of the series thank you.


  2. I absolutely adore this book & I like forward to the next in the series!

  3. I absolutely adore this book & I look forward to the next in the series!

  4. momjane

    Another great excerpt. I am really enjoying your tour. This sounds like a great story.

  5. Kim, you wrote comic books? Waaaaaaaaah! That is sooooooooo cool! For DC and Marvel???????? WOOOOW.

    What is one thing you liked better in novel writing over comic writing?

    • Laurie Bradach

      I’ve written for both companies, and Event Comics which Laurie owned. Comics have a distinct advantage in having pictures! In novels you paint the picture with words. Both are fun, and the audiences certainly overlap,

  6. Jess1

    I’ve been enjoying your tour and the excerpts. That was some dare to be a streaker.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  7. Howard and Laurie

    Thanks for your very nice comments Brenda! Much appreciated, and thanks to Goddess Fish for organizing our Review Tour. And special thanks to all of our readers and commenters! We think THE DARE CLUB is a great read for middle graders, YA, and even adults, and it’s so gratifying to see that so many of you agree! We’re hard at work on Book 2, which takes them out of school for a field trip. The action is non-stop–and so are the dares! Thanks again!

  8. Karen H in NC

    Thanks for the excerpts and reviews. It has been a fun tour.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  9. bn100

    I enjoyed the excerpt.


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