Reading in Africa

Friends, do you love to read in bed as much as I do? Is there anything more lovely than ending a long day with an enchanting book before dropping off to sleep?

Now, don’t laugh, but sometimes I read silently and sometimes my husband reads to me. Maybe it harks back to those days when my mother used to recite poetry to me before I went to sleep, but hearing someone’s voice flow over a great story is like a cup of hot chocolate and a snuggly quilt.

I’m not the only non-little-kid who enjoys being read to. As most of you know, I teach high school, and my students still love it when I read books aloud to them. (If only there were more time in the school day. . .)

Here, on day eleven in Africa, I’m enjoying a quiet read before bed every night. We’re all in one room, so when the baby goes to sleep, it’s lights out. Thank goodness for tablets that are back-lit!  I can still get in a chapter or two before falling asleep to the drone of mosquitoes.

How about you? Do you read yourself to sleep? Is there someone who reads to you? Or do you have a favorite bed-time book?

I’d love to hear about it.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Feb. 12th is Fast Approaching!  The Lance Temptation to be released from Astraea Press!


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