Sleep Texting

You’re burrowed down inside the covers. Your eyes are closed, and you’re about to enter Dreamland.


A text. Automatically, you fumble for your phone. Bleary-eyed, you read the text and answer before dropping back into a stupor. The next morning you get a call. It’s your best friend.

“What did you mean? You texted me a bunch of gibberish last night. Was that code? Or were you just mad?”

“What you’re talking about?” You grab your phone to check what you sent:  soki yes i sdlkfj jjk eiw.

And there it is–Sleep Texting.

Nursing professor Elizabeth Dowdell, of Villanova University reported in an interview with a CBS news affiliate in Philadelphia, that she has discovered a new phenomena she calls “sleep texting.”  . . .—teenagers sending text messages while at least partially asleep. It occurs when a teen receives a text, becomes aware of their phone beeping, and then responds—quite often with gibberish, but sometimes with words they never intended to use. See full article here.

Yikes! Does this mean you could agree to something you want no part of? Or make a date with someone you can’t stand? Or reveal a deep dark secret?

Evidently, yes. But it gets even worse:

Dowdell attributes the behavior to overextended teens and says being partially woken by a beeping phone on a regular basis can lead to sleep deprivation, weight gain, depression and other mental disorders.

That’s some serious stuff. What’s the answer? I often suggest to my sleepy high school students that they turn off their phones at night. They look at me as if I’d sprouted an extra nose. Then I suggest they could leave their phones on but in a different room. Add an extra  sprouted ear to the top of my head.


This is one extra reason I’m grateful for long weekends like the one we just enjoyed. Hopefully, my teen friends got some extra sleep. It’d be nice to greet wide-eyed, bright, rested students during first period.

What about you? Do you get enough sleep? Are you interrupted with constant texting all night? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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6 responses to “Sleep Texting

  1. I have to admit I’ve been “too connected”, leaving my phone on and answering phone calls and texts when I should be sleeping. And my granddaughter, who works third shift, occasionally complains about the interruptions to her sleep. I’ve gotten in the habit of charging my phone in the kitchen overnight so I can sleep. And I’m hoping my granddaughter listens to the facebook friend who responded to her complaint with a simple “Dude, turn your phone off.”

    • I charge my phone in the kitchen overnight, too! It works quite well; although, sometimes I do hear it beep. It’s easier to ignore when it’s across the house. I’m going with your granddaughter’s friend, “Dude, turn your phone off.” Ha!

  2. My phone is also my alarm, so it charges beside me. Recently I tried turning it on silent so that I don’t get notifications but my alarm still goes off. I slept awesome (I get upwards of 20 notifications between emails, twitter and FB overnight). The last couple of nights I didn’t put it on silent and guess what? I’ve been waking up feeling un-rested. Even if you don’t notice the beeping or you aren’t waking up, it is disrupting your sleep in some way.

  3. It’s amazing how our bodies register everything even when our minds might not. The last thing we need is to wake up un-rested! (Too much of that already.) Thanks for sharing! Here’s to a good night’s sleep! 🙂

  4. My iPhone has this neat feature: Do Not Disturb. I set it to make sure texts or calls don’t buzz or ring after 11 pm. I can even exclude certain numbers like family in case of emergency. Love it!

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