Show Choir (aka Teen Exhaustion)

Some of my students are dragging into class this week, half-dead.  Teens are often beyond groggy in the morning, but this has been a new breed of tired.

Then I remembered. Show choir competitions have kept a lot of them busy over the last few weekends. They meet at the school as early as 4:00 in the morning and return home as late as 2:00 the following morning.

No wonder they’re beyond exhausted.

But …they love it. They complain long and loud (which sounds suspiciously like bragging) about the wretched hours, but they keep going back for more. And more. And more.

It’s the thrill of the quest. The thrill of becoming excellent. The thrill of conquering the competition.

It drives them. And they keep getting better and better and better. The awards trickle in at first, giving them another burst of motivation. And then the accolades grow more frequent, bigger.

Kind of like writing for me (and maybe you). I keep going back for more and more and more. Hopefully, getting better and better and better.

The prize:  Excellence.

Ah, the thrill of it all.

What about you? What do you work and work and work at? In what are you hoping to attain excellence? I’d love to hear from you.

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “Show Choir (aka Teen Exhaustion)

  1. Wow, those are murderous hours! My kids used to put in all kinds of time with the marching band. And when I was young, I used to practice my oboe – a lot. I wanted to be really good at it. I still play, but I’ll never perform at Carnegie Hall. I guess the two things that drive me now are writing, and being a grandparent. I may not have been the best parent, but with nine grandkids I’m getting a LOT of practice at being a grandparent!

    • Wow! Nine grandkids! How fun. I sure am enjoying my first. 🙂 Yeah, the show choir really has murderous hours, but I have to admit, it really makes me proud to see teens so invested in something so enriching. They inspire me! Thanks for writing, Patty!

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