Somewhere in Paris


Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Right now, I’m somewhere in Paris. I wasn’t sure if I’d have Internet while I was gone or whether I’d have time to use it! (Ha!) So, I scheduled this to post while I’m away. I didn’t like the idea of skipping a week.

Last night at a local Asian restaurant, I had the best experience. I was dishing up some grilled veggies when a teen came up to me and asked, “Didn’t you write a book?”

I replied, “Yes, I did.”

And then she said, “I read it and loved it!”

I was delighted!  (Which is an understatement.)  Later, she came up to the table where my husband and I were eating and asked for my autograph on the back of her meal tab.

She totally and completely made my week!

I realized anew how precious encouraging words are, and how meaningful it is to receive a sincere compliment.

So today, I want to tell all of you how special you are to me! I am privileged and honored to have you visit my blog and read my books. Thank you so much. You are the greatest!

thank you

I love to hear your comments and insight, and I love to learn about your experiences.  In many ways, this blog isn’t mine; it’s ours.

Have you recently had one of those moments when you felt appreciated? Please share! (If I don’t respond right away, remember I probably have no Internet right now.)

As always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Along Came Jordan, Book Two of The Edgemont Series comes out April 23rd.  Woo Hoo!!



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2 responses to “Somewhere in Paris

  1. That’s so wonderful! That teen probably has no idea how inspiring her words and action were, not only to you, but to all the other authors reading your blog. Enjoy the bliss of the compliment.

    • It was an upper! The students (and me) are heading out to the Louvre. There are 18 km of walking inside the museum. Phew! I’ll be wearing my comfy shoes. ha! Thanks for writing!

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