Library Read ‘n’ Feed

Signing Books!

Signing Books!

What’s more exciting for an author and teacher than being in a room packed with teens who love to read and write? Not much! Last Saturday was Anderson Library’s yearly Read ‘n’ Feed. Authors S.A. Bodeen, Mike Mullin, Steve Sheinkin, and Me (woo hoo!) had the privilege of speaking. What a blast!

Brenda Maxfield

Sharing about The Lance Temptation

I totally enjoyed hearing my fellow authors’ presentations. It was wonderful to get a glimpse into their creative processes. During my talk, I decided to take advantage of all the great teen brains and imaginations. I’m presently working on The Bonfire, Book One of a new series. I thought, who better to give me plot twists than the teens themselves. So, I introduced my characters, gave some backstory, and opened it up. The room erupted! Plot lines crammed the air, and relationship angles flowed. One of the teens took notes for me all over the whiteboard. It was crazy bedlam!

But it was magical! Those teens were on fire.

Now my brain is bursting with all their ideas, playing with plot lines, and imagining their scenarios.

A HUGE thank you to all those teenagers.  I told them I fully expect to see their books on the bestseller lists someday.

Maybe sooner than later!

How about you? Have you ever had the chance to pick the brains of a great group of people? I’d love to hear about it.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. NEXT WEEK, April 23rd, Along Came Jordan – a clean, contemporary teen read – comes out! Book Two of The Edgemont Series.



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2 responses to “Library Read ‘n’ Feed

  1. What a great way to engage teens and find out what they really like to read. It sounds like it was a fun day for you.

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