Homemade Iron Man!


Teens continually amaze me! (And I love it.) Perhaps you read about the male teen from the UK who designed and created his own full-body Iron Man suit! The young man’s name is Archie Whitehead, and he says he’s gotten into “special effects, props, and costumes.”

Indeed, he has! Anyone who spends months putting together such an amazing suit is more than “into” it. (To see photos of Archie’s creation, click here.) Archie built his wearable Iron Man suit from the ground up, spending $500 in materials. To give it that shiny finished look, he used automotive spray paint. When finished, he donned his suit and attended his local premiere showing of Iron Man 3. Brilliant.

A month or two ago at school , I rounded the bend in our hallway and nearly jumped with fright. There, stuck to the wall tiles, were transparent, full-sized, 3-D mannequins made completely from packing tape, giving them a hollow ghostly (dare I say creepy) appearance. I half-expected them to leap from the wall and taunt me. Astounding.

totem pole

Last week, one of my seniors walked down the hall sporting a papier-mâché totem pole half her size. Three zany faces stared out from it. She had me choose my favorite. Definitely the one with the crossed-eyes and a crooked smile. Fun.

Today’s teens bring all sorts of crazy creativity to the table. From where I’m sitting, the future of all the arts shines. I can’t wait to see what these teens will create, develop, dream-up, and invent in the months and years to come.

How about you? Have you been amazed lately? Do you know of any creative teen projects? I’d love to hear about them.

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


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4 responses to “Homemade Iron Man!

  1. One of my favorites is the duct tape prom costumes! Teens are amazing!

    • Ha! You’re right. I’m constantly amazed at what the kids make out of duct tape. I’ve seen wallets, clothes, flowers, purses; it goes on and on! Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

  2. Miranda

    Have you heard about a broken engagement? This one man proposed to his girlfriend. She turned him down, I believe it was because she cheated on him. He was so upset he took the ring back and bought an Iron Man suit. Everything actually works mechanically.

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