Sweet Saturday Sample #3

sweet saturday

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s again time for a Sweet Saturday Sample. I continue to prepare  my new book, Buried Truth, for its July debut.

So, here’s a second excerpt for you:

“Andrew talked to me,” I said close to Bri’s ear. She didn’t respond. “Hey, did you hear me?”

Her arms dropped to her sides. “Did you say Andrew talked to you? Andrew Kendrell?”

I pushed my feet deeper into the sand to keep from dancing. “He said maybe we could hang out.”

Brianna grabbed my arm and pulled me to the edge of the crowd.

“No,” she said.

“What d’you mean no?”

“He goes through girls like potato chips.”

“Okay, that’s a super weird simile and no he doesn’t.”

“Yes, he does. You’ve heard it, and don’t pretend you haven’t.”

I sighed. “Fine. I’ve heard it all. But you know how I feel about gossip.”

Brianna took a step back and stared at me. Her gray eyes were black in the shadows. “If he was ugly, you wouldn’t go near him. This is only because he’s hot.”

“No, it isn’t.” But she had a point. He made my mouth water whenever I looked at him. Trouble was he made every girl’s mouth water.

I knew his reputation. I knew it inside and out — I’d heard it enough. Everyone had. That’s why I wanted to check it out for myself. My motto was: Don’t believe anything till you know for sure.

“It’s your funeral,” Brianna said, scanning the crowd. “There’s your Andrew now.”

I followed her gaze. Sure enough, there he was, standing so close to Shonda Stevenson you couldn’t put a piece of paper between them. Shonda had her face so up in his, I couldn’t make out her expression.

“Case closed,” Bri stated.

The muscles around my mouth tightened. “We’ll see,” I said in a curt voice.


Buried Truth is a contemporary young adult novel. It’s Book One of a new series which takes place on the West Coast, Ocean Mist.

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6 responses to “Sweet Saturday Sample #3

  1. Being able to value a person’s character more than their looks – that’s such a difficult lesson to learn, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Flashback to high school and the boy I liked…he went through girls like potato chips, too. That was eons ago, but I did learn a big lesson. Men (or boys) with commitment issues almost always lead to heartbreak. And yet that never stops us from thinking we can be the one to reform them… 🙂 Great excerpt!

  3. Why do girls always fall for the wrong guy?

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