Kids Flying Alone


I recently returned from a trip to the West Coast where I spent eleven days catching up with my family. Considering we had limited time and didn’t want to spend half of it with our bottoms glued to a car seat, we flew. (Day-long car trips don’t hold the appeal they once did! At least for certain parts of my body. Ha!)

My husband and I took six planes (we had a 50th wedding anniversary to help celebrate in L.A. while there) and on each of those planes, there were kids flying solo. Some of them were young, in early elementary school. Others were teens.

The majority of them were visiting their non-custodial parents. Admission: I eavesdropped. (Well, they were speaking loudly to the stewards.)  These kids were excited. Although, one teen girl ho-hummed her way across the sky saying she’d flown alone for years, and it was boring.

I thought back to when I was a kid. I remember considering myself quite put-together and oh-so-mature, but I think I would’ve been filled with trepidation to make a flight across the country alone.

No, make that fear!

I was only on six planes. Thousands upon thousands of flights are made across this country every summer, and many of them will be carrying children and teens to see their other parents. I’m impressed with these kids’ determination. I’m impressed with the way they flow with circumstances that often aren’t of their choosing.

On one flight, a teen spent a good portion of the time comforting and encouraging another solo traveler who couldn’t have been more than eight. The teen laughed and joked with her, distracting her, and in general making everyone around them enjoy the trip.

Kids are amazing.

How about you? Were you on a flight with any unaccompanied kids lately? Did you observe the same thing? Or are you a teen who flies across the country alone? I’d love to hear about it.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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