School has Started!

Hello Friends!

School has started! And my life has become a big whoosh as I work to keep up with it all.

School starting has brought mixed feelings. Some of my students are happy as kids receiving new phones with no strings attached. Others tell me they’d rather be in the back of a mile-long line at the grocery store. Ha! But still, for me there’s nothing quite like the spark in a student’s eyes after ingesting some tidbit of learning for the first time.

So we start the 2013/2014 school adventure. The year is waiting – clean, fresh, and unsullied. I know, I know – I can be nauseatingly positive about new school years. One student actually asked me if I ever didn’t smile.

Uh. Yeah.

Just ask my birth kids…

But it is true that every day I put on my happy face and walk into school with high aspirations. Yet, like my students, I mourn the passing of fancy free July days when I could spend hours upon hours writing. Hours upon hours reading. And hours upon hours playing in the dirt. (Made even more delicious when joined by my grandson!)

photo (51)

So, how about you? Are you back in school? Or are your kids or grandkids back in school? Anyone else besides me excited?

I’d love to hear from you.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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8 responses to “School has Started!

  1. Oh YES !!! It’s back to school and although my OH and I have no children we can remember how much we couldn’t wait for school to end and dreaded when we had to go back. Perhaps this is why I choose to include the element of school ending and beginning again as part of the storyline in my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”.

    We can all remember when, regardless if we were a boy or a girl, our first interest in “love” began, only to be cut short by the end of the school year. And how we couldn’t wait to renew it when school would begin again after our summer vacation. How many of us hated when we found out we had to move from our school to another school and having to start making new friends again at our new school simply because our father had gotten a new job with a promotion, especially when we’ve just found our first boy/girl to really like [love].

    How many times has this mixed feeling of emotions have crept back into our lives since we had begun going to school?

  2. When I was teaching, the beginning of the new school year was full of promise and plans I couldn’t wait to carry out. Now that I’m retired, I just smile as I see everyone else head back to school. But it still feels like the new year to me.

    • I remember when I took a few years off when my kids were tiny, it was soooo weird for school to be starting without me! I imagine I’ll always carry a soft spot for the beginning of the year. 😀 Thanks for stopping by, Lynn!

  3. Public schools in Michigan don’t start until after Labor Day, and the colleges and universities start the week before that, so I’ve got a little time yet. My daughter, the school psychologist, is probably dreading the start of school because she will have to leave her four-month-old son at home. My school age grandkids have various attitudes about school, but most of them are quite sociable and probably look forward to it. Summertime is great, but I enjoy the routine of the school year. I think I get more done when I have a limited amount of time to do things!

    • When I was a kid, we never started until after Labor Day, either. (I kind of miss those days!) We have some teachers this year who are leaving their babies for the first time. My heart goes out to them…
      Thanks for sharing about getting more done during the school year. I was lamenting the loss of my full days to write. So your comment was encouraging. Thanks, Patty!

  4. I finished setting up my room this week, and now I’m ready to greet all those ten year-old sweeties at the door next week. I always dread going back, because I love the summer days, but as soon as I see my students, I fall in love with school all over again.

    I hope your school year is going well so far, Brenda!

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