Sweet Saturday #5

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Greetings, Friends! Happy Sweet Saturday!

In and around the bustle of a new school year, I’m getting in some writing on Ocean Mist Book Two. But for now, I’d like to share another sample from my newly released book, Buried Truth Ocean Mist Book One.

Here’s excerpt #5 for you:

I rushed over to my dresser and pulled open the drawer again. I picked up the lid. What a moron to have left the box in plain sight. I didn’t usually make that kind of mistake.

I wouldn’t again.

The bathroom door rattled open, and I shoved the drawer tight. Bri came in yawning.

“It was kind of fun, wasn’t it?” she asked, rubbing her hand through her short, black hair, making it stick straight up in a Mohawk.

“The bonfire?”

“Yeah. But I think we better revisit your temporary Andrew insanity.”

“My turn to pee,” I said and waltzed out of the room. I hurried because I didn’t totally trust Bri not to snoop in my drawer. But when I returned, she was already tucked into bed.

“Now, about Andrew,” she said.

“We’re not talking about Andrew.” I worked to ignore my pounding heart. A sense of urgency filled me, as if somehow being with Andrew was hugely important. A cold chill snaked through me. It made no sense. None.

And I for sure didn’t want to talk about it.


The spicy smell of sausage crept up the stairs and awakened me. I stretched out against the flannel sheets and took a deep breath. A tiny shaft of light from the street lamp down a ways from our cabin peeped in through the window to pierce the darkness. There was nothing in its way, no huge trees, no competing lights from town, so its flickers often waltzed on my bedroom walls.

Bri was a motionless lump beside me. From her deep breathing, I knew she was still asleep. Fine by me.

Lying in bed thinking was one of my favorite things to do. That morning, my mind was still stuck on Andrew. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d had earlier. His importance was all out of proportion, and it bothered me.

Something about his eyes pulled me in. Something hidden, intriguing. If I got to know him better, I could discover what it was.

BuriedTruth 500x750 (1)

Buried Truth is a contemporary young adult novel. It’s part of a new series which takes place on the West Coast, Ocean Mist. If you’d like to grab a copy, click here.

Thanks for reading today! If you’d like to visit other Sweet Saturday Samples, click here.

I’d love to know what you’re doing on your Saturday today. Leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you!

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


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4 responses to “Sweet Saturday #5

  1. Nice excerpt. The teen angst is really evident. Congrats on all your new releases – hope you’re able to continue with some writing with the new school year starting!

  2. Sounds so mysterious…I’m curious about what is hidden.


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