Tanning Beds Prohibited


Greetings, Friends! I’m always on the lookout for news that involves teens. Today, I read something that affects teens in my neighboring state to the west.  The governor of Illinois signed a bill last Thursday which prohibits teenagers under eighteen from using tanning beds.

This new law goes into effect on January 1, 2014. Opposition to the law claims it should be up to the parents as to whether their teens can use tanning beds or not. Supporters of the law say that this prohibition is a way to protect the state’s youth from skin cancer. (You can read the entire article here.)

The new bill says nothing about spray-on or mist tans.

I know my students bristle when they feel anyone has taken their rights away.  I asked one of my senior classes today what they thought about the law. I was surprised when most of them thought parents would be more upset than teens. When asked why, many said their parents would see it as interference with their parental rights and duties. (Although, when one student mentioned that maybe the government should restrict energy drinks, a small uproar followed!)

It was an interesting discussion…

Do you think it interferes with parental rights? Or is it simply a matter of public health?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “Tanning Beds Prohibited

  1. Considering I had a chunk of skin the size of a 50 cent piece removed from my lower leg, the doctor stating the cause of the skin cancer as tanning beds, I think the government is right to step in. First off, most parents I know would be concerned over their teen’s habitual use of a tanning bed and put a stop to it on their own, but sadly, there are parents who would look the other way and even a few who’d encourage the behavior. This law protects those minor children not only from the damaging effects later in life, but from parents who, for whatever reason, don’t seem to care. It also gives parents an upper hand in any argument their teen may have with wanting to use a tanning bed against a parent’s wishes. I, too, wish they’d ban the sale of energy drinks to minors – treat it like beer. I shudder to think of the long term effects to the hearts and nervous systems of our youth who down the poison like water.

    • Thanks for sharing, Harley. I’m grateful you were able to get your “chunk” removed. And I agree about the energy drinks. I’m shocked at how many teens guzzle them continually. It’s scary…

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