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Welcome, Everyone, to the October Edition of the Quarterly Blog Hop!  There is a long list of blogs to visit (see the rafflecopter below), and I thank you for stopping by mine! We are featuring new releases from this quarter. I’m so happy to share my newest release with you! It is Farah’s Deadline, which was released in September. Farah’s Deadline is Book Three of The Edgemont Series.

Sixteen-year-old Farah Menins is the protagonist. When I first started writing about Farah (in The Lance Temptation, Book One of The Edgemont Series), she was the antagonist, and I didn’t like her at all. In fact, she really got on my nerves. So in Book Two (Along Came Jordan), she didn’t even make an appearance, and boy, was she unhappy about that. She kept clamoring and clamoring in my head, until I stopped long enough to listen. And once I did, I realized that her story should be told. (Ha! As you can see, it’s true: Writers really do hear voices in their heads!) Once, I told Farah’s story, I grew quite fond of her and now she’s one of my favorite characters! She has such spirit!

Here’s the blurb for Farah’s Deadline:

Sassy, strong-willed, and pregnant, Farah Menins plans to be married at sixteen after her dad dumps her in a “special home” to be rid of her. Trapped in a place full of rules, Farah refuses to admit defeat — not when marriage would give her an out.

Farah’s roommate Lizbet hides her own painful secrets, and together, they forge an unlikely friendship when Farah sneaks off to confront her baby’s father. A dead baby, a mystery brother, and a house fire threaten to derail Farah’s plans. The confusion is compounded when Lizbet’s brother shows interest in her. With time running out, will Farah be able to salvage any of her dream?

And here’s an excerpt: (If you’re one of my dear followers and have already read an excerpt, never fear, this is a different one!)

I got up, went to the window and pulled back the curtain. “It wasn’t you snooping on me earlier, was it? The angle’s wrong.”

“It wasn’t me.”

Man, her voice sounded wimpy. I dropped the curtain and returned to my bed. “I won’t be here long.”

She gazed at my stomach. “You don’t look so far along. You don’t even look pregnant.”

I dismissed her comment with my hand. “I’m two months, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Aren’t you staying till you have it?” She said it like a dirty word.

“Won’t need to. My boyfriend’s coming for me.”

Her mouth opened then closed. Confusion passed over her face. “How old are you?”

“Sixteen. You?”

“I’m fifteen. What do you mean your boyfriend’s coming?”

I jumped off the bed again, walked over to my side of the closet, and pulled back the folding wooden door. There were half a dozen empty hangers dangling there and low open shelves running across the bottom. “Is this where I’m supposed to put all my clothes?”


“Not much room, is there?”

She shrugged.

“Pete. He’s my boyfriend. He’ll be coming for me. I have it all planned out.”

“So, you’re keeping it?” Shock covered her face.

“Of course. Aren’t you?”

She glanced down at her feet, which were inside the rattiest tennis shoes I’d seen in forever. Had she been out slopping the hogs or something?

“I take it that’s a no.”

Her lips were pressed together, making tiny wrinkles around her mouth.

“You’re sure a chatty Cathy,” I said. “What happened? Did someone attack you in a dark alley or something?”

She sucked in her breath.

I stared at her and regret flashed through me.

FarahsDeadline_500x750I hope you’ll want to grab a copy and read Farah’s Deadline! You can get it here!

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10 responses to “Quarterly Blog Hop!

  1. Would love to read Farah’s Deadline 🙂 Sounds like a good drama read. Drama with some foot in mouth going on, if that excerpt’s any indication 🙂

  2. Sounds good,thanks for the chance to win.

  3. It’s always so interesting when writers turn an antagonist into a protagonist. And so true about those voices in our heads!

  4. bn100

    Nice excerpt

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. I’m another author on the hop stopping by to say hello. No need to include me in your awesome giveaway, just wanted to say it’s been fun “hopping” with you!

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