Welcome, Rebekah R. Ganiere!



Greetings, Friends! Today, I am welcoming Rebekah R. Ganiere to my blog. I’m thrilled to have her here. We’re celebrating the release of her new book, Dead Awakenings.  Rebekah recently released her book, and it’s been on the Amazon top 100 in the Fantasy Superhero genre. Congratulations, Rebekah!

We thought it might be fun for Rebekah to share five silly things about herself with you. And…..here they are!

1) I am secretly obsessed with Monster High Dolls. I went to Comic Con just so I could get the special edition one only released there.

2) I would rather go to the mountains than the beach. I have no love of sand and I am so fair that I burn in less than 10 minutes, no matter the sunscreen!

3) I recently became addicted to Teavana Teas! My brother introduced them to me over Christmas and I am hooked. It’s my new addiction!

4) Comic Con San Diego is the best family vacation I have ever taken. I was in total geek heaven surrounded by Comic Books, Star Wars, Super Heroes, Dr. Who, and Role Playing games.

5) When I don’t have the TV on for writing, I am listening to Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Christina Perri and a few other strong females to help influence my writing.

DeadAwakenings_ByRebekahRGaniere-800x1200Here is the BLURB for Dead Awakenings:

Evaine, a struggling New York theater student, enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay bills.  She awakens in a derelict hospital, chained to a bed with no memory of who she is, or how she got there.  A band of pale skinned men, led by the gorgeous Luca, burst in, whisking her away to safety.

Once at Haven House, Evaine is introduced to The Family. Like them, she has become A Deader, a reanimated Undead.

Luca is hell-bent on stopping the experimentations, and killing those responsible. He has no time for a Newborn who is struggling to control her rages, hunger, and powers. Nor does he have the desire to deal with the feelings she’s awakening within him.

Despite their best efforts, Evaine and Luca find their connection intensifying when suddenly, she remembers not only who she is, but also her fiancé, Tristan; who is still looking for her.

Torn between her first love and her new heart’s desire, Evaine runs back to Tristan putting everyone in danger. When a rogue faction of Deaders, called Feeders, attempts to kidnap her, Luca suspects Evaine is the key to the experiments.

Can everyone band together to keep Evaine off the cutting table of those she escaped from? Or will second death tear her away from everyone, for good?

A little bit more about Rebekah:

Rebekah’s love for stories began as a child with Shel Silverstein poetry. She began writing her own poetry and short stories in junior high and high school and then went on to study theater in college.  Ultimately she ended up going back to writing so she could stay at home with her kids. Rebekah is a member of Romance Writers of America as well as the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Chapter, her local Los Angeles, OrangeCounty, and Young Adult chapters. When she isn’t spending time telling the stories of the characters constantly chattering inside her head, you can find her hanging out with her husband, four children and menagerie of pets. A dog, a rabbit, 2 bearded dragons, 1 Russian Tortoise and 2 Leopard Tortoises. The escaped snake has yet to be located.

Here are Rebekah’s links for her “Books with a Bite”!


Twitter: @VampWereZombie


Good Reads

Purchase Link

Again, congratulations to Rebekah and best wishes for many sales!

I’d love to hear from you. What Fantasy Superheroes are your favorites? Let me know with a comment below!  I’m thinking about Cat Woman. Does she qualify? 🙂

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And as always, thanks for stopping by!




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4 responses to “Welcome, Rebekah R. Ganiere!

  1. Thanx for having me Brenda! My favorite Superhero is Hulk. He is the first Alpha Male. Sweet and smart, but don’t threaten his girl or he turns into an unstoppable monster!

  2. I love Nightcrawler of the X-Men! He’s funny and Christian, and hey, I could probably get used to the blue fur. lol! 🙂 Congrats on the release of this awesome book!

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