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Random Acts of Kindness Day


Greetings, Friends!  Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

I have to confess that I didn’t even know there was a dedicated day for random acts of kindness. My mind is whirling now with possibilities of what I can do today to surprise and hopefully delight some of the people in my life.

To help all of us get in the mood, here are a few quotes on kindness:

  • Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain
  • No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ~Aesop
  • Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. ~Scott Adams
  • Kind words and actions can seem so small, but their effects are truly endless. ~ Author Unknown

I learned that The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is an internationally recognized non-profit organization founded upon the powerful belief in kindness and dedicated to providing resources and tools that encourage acts of kindness. 

This special day originated in New Zealand, where it is celebrated on September 1st. It is recognized by others on various days throughout the year; however, doing random acts of kindness is something that can be done everyday of the year.

May you have an amazing day of kindness today! Thank you for being the wonderful people that you are! I’m sending happy, kind thoughts your way! I am grateful for you!

Let me know what you decide to do today or how kindness has affected your life! I love hearing from you!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Tiff sure could have used some kindness in The Return. Nothing was turning out the way she’d hoped.



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He’s TOO Cute!!


Hello Friends! Last night we had a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party with the grandkids! FUN times! My youngest grandson had just learned the Lord’s Prayer, and he was eager to show off his skills!

Forgive my bragging, but I think he’s the cutest two-year-old ever!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. If you need a last-minute gift, books are the best! 


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Go Ahead, Take that Hour!


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Friends!

Amidst the holiday bustle, why not give yourself a short 99 cent break! You deserve it!

Grab a copy of Seeking Christmas and take a short adventure across the state line with Tiffany. Is she in for another devastating disappointment? Or can Christmas really be merry, like everyone says?

For less than one dollar, you can find out! Grab it today, put your feet up, and pamper yourself with a fun escape.

Like I said, you deserve it!  🙂

Happy Holidays!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


SeekingChristmas 1400x2100

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I’m Grateful for You!


My warmest wishes to all of my friends in the United States for a lovely Thanksgiving Day! May your day be overflowing with gratitude and blessings and special moments with your loved ones.

I am so grateful for your friendship, your support, and your wonderfulness! (Pretty sure that’s not a word, but it’s true!) Please know that you are appreciated no matter where you live!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Here are three major reasons for my gratitude today (and always)!  My beautiful grandkids!





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Kids Flying Alone


I recently returned from a trip to the West Coast where I spent eleven days catching up with my family. Considering we had limited time and didn’t want to spend half of it with our bottoms glued to a car seat, we flew. (Day-long car trips don’t hold the appeal they once did! At least for certain parts of my body. Ha!)

My husband and I took six planes (we had a 50th wedding anniversary to help celebrate in L.A. while there) and on each of those planes, there were kids flying solo. Some of them were young, in early elementary school. Others were teens.

The majority of them were visiting their non-custodial parents. Admission: I eavesdropped. (Well, they were speaking loudly to the stewards.)  These kids were excited. Although, one teen girl ho-hummed her way across the sky saying she’d flown alone for years, and it was boring.

I thought back to when I was a kid. I remember considering myself quite put-together and oh-so-mature, but I think I would’ve been filled with trepidation to make a flight across the country alone.

No, make that fear!

I was only on six planes. Thousands upon thousands of flights are made across this country every summer, and many of them will be carrying children and teens to see their other parents. I’m impressed with these kids’ determination. I’m impressed with the way they flow with circumstances that often aren’t of their choosing.

On one flight, a teen spent a good portion of the time comforting and encouraging another solo traveler who couldn’t have been more than eight. The teen laughed and joked with her, distracting her, and in general making everyone around them enjoy the trip.

Kids are amazing.

How about you? Were you on a flight with any unaccompanied kids lately? Did you observe the same thing? Or are you a teen who flies across the country alone? I’d love to hear about it.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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Back from Europe and a Goodreads Giveaway!

Paris was freezing! Beautiful, yes. Inspiring, yes. Delicious, yes. But, oh, so so cold! We stood in line for hours to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was 32 degrees F. Once on top, we gazed out at the astounding view with ice cubes for ears and popsicles for noses.

But whatever the weather, Paris is always a good idea. The day we climbed the Arc De Triomphe, the temperatures were more forgiving. A few batches of people were even picnicking on the top. We posed forever, taking each other’s photos catching the Eiffel Tower in the background.


Touring the Louvre gave new meaning to the cliché “walking our legs off.” There are 12 km of halls inside that museum, and it’s entirely possible to become hopelessly lost!

I bicycled with the students through a park in Madrid. We circled a lake which was breathtakingly beautiful. What a fun opportunity to join the Spaniards in their Sunday activities. We rode up and down rolling paths, even finding a magnificent slide park built big enough for adults!


I watched over my group of 30 like the proverbial hen. And I’m relieved to report that I delivered all the students home to their respective families. Whew!

Upon arriving home, I had a nice present! I discovered that The Lance Temptation is now available in paperback!  Woo Hoo!   Always thrilling news to an author.

We’re holding a Goodreads Giveaway, and I hope you all enter to win a free paperback copy! Enter here.

And a big thank you to those of you who post reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. I’m so thankful and appreciative!  **hugs**

I’d love to hear from you! What were you busy with during your spring break?

And as always, thanks for stopping by.


Author of Good, Clean, Contemporary Teen Reads

P.S.  It’s almost here!  Book Two of The Edgemont Series Along Came Jordan comes out April 23rd!


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Somewhere in Paris


Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Right now, I’m somewhere in Paris. I wasn’t sure if I’d have Internet while I was gone or whether I’d have time to use it! (Ha!) So, I scheduled this to post while I’m away. I didn’t like the idea of skipping a week.

Last night at a local Asian restaurant, I had the best experience. I was dishing up some grilled veggies when a teen came up to me and asked, “Didn’t you write a book?”

I replied, “Yes, I did.”

And then she said, “I read it and loved it!”

I was delighted!  (Which is an understatement.)  Later, she came up to the table where my husband and I were eating and asked for my autograph on the back of her meal tab.

She totally and completely made my week!

I realized anew how precious encouraging words are, and how meaningful it is to receive a sincere compliment.

So today, I want to tell all of you how special you are to me! I am privileged and honored to have you visit my blog and read my books. Thank you so much. You are the greatest!

thank you

I love to hear your comments and insight, and I love to learn about your experiences.  In many ways, this blog isn’t mine; it’s ours.

Have you recently had one of those moments when you felt appreciated? Please share! (If I don’t respond right away, remember I probably have no Internet right now.)

As always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Along Came Jordan, Book Two of The Edgemont Series comes out April 23rd.  Woo Hoo!!


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