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My Own Love Story Releases!

good clean teen read

New Release!  Well, friends, this is it! My own love story (a tiny bit fictionalized) is here. I had so much fun writing this one. So, if you want to know Paul’s and my deep secrets, here they are. Ha!

A few months ago, Astraea Press had a call out for authors to write and submit their own love stories. The premise was, “God writes the best love stories.” I couldn’t pass that up. So, I began writing. And what fun! I’d sit at my computer and laugh, then cry, then laugh again. Paul was sometimes in the room, and he kept asking me what was so darn funny.

When I was finished, I read it to him. I can’t say for sure about the crying part, but he did laugh. However, I will say that when one of my critique partners read it, he said it brought a tear to his eye.

I hope you’ll want to grab a copy — I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can grab it HERE for just $1.99.

I’d love to hear a bit about your love story!  Feel free to share your thoughts below.

And as always thanks for stopping by!


P.S.  Here’s a photo of us on our wedding day!

tiny wedding photo



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Big Girl Sleep-Over

Last weekend, twenty-eight of us took off to the woods for a big-girl sleep over.

Confession: We stayed at an inn instead of in a tent.

We’re all authors, so it would be impossible for us to breathe if we couldn’t plug in.  Fingers flew over keyboards for forty-eight blissful uninterrupted hours. Not much sleep happened, but we did make up for it with chocolate! (There’s good common sense in there somewhere.)

I remember my teenage sleep-overs, when we’d talk about guys, guys, and more guys. We’d throw our sleeping bags on the floor, stare up at the dark ceiling and recall that sweet kiss, that almost date, and that shivering slow dance. We’d laugh hysterically at each other’s moments of terror or embarrassment, until whoever’s bleary-eyed mother would pop her head into the room and tell us to Get to Sleep!

Which we never did.

Good bonding times.

How about you? Did you or do you still have those cozy sleep-overs with your friends? Any particularly memorable times?

I’d love to hear from you. And as always, thanks for stopping by.



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My Mom, the Witch

My Mom as the Neighborhood Witch!

Yes, my mom was a witch—well, to be fair mostly on Halloween.  Mom was the neighborhood piano teacher, so throngs of kids would storm our door every Halloween, excited for hand-outs from their music teacher.

Mom—with her quirky humor—wanted to give her students a forever memory. And boy, did she! Those innocent cherubs rang the doorbell to be greeted by a witch screeching and rushing through the door at them. The kids screamed and scattered all over the yard. Mom gathered them back up, ushered them to the porch, and gave them handfuls of candy.

By extension, I became popular as the daughter of the witch.

Fun times.  I hope all the trick-or-treaters this year are lucky enough to run into a witch like my mom.

How about you? Do you have any fond/scary Halloween memories to share?

I’d love to hear from you. And as always, thanks for stopping by.


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