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By Popular Demand!

Kindle Cover

Hello Friends! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the season!

After The Amish Blogger’s release, many of you wanted more! Now you can have it! The continuing story of Miriam and Thomas!

Don’t worry if you haven’t read The Amish Blogger yet: This new story stands alone. I think you’ll like it!

INTRODUCING Amish Days: Missing Mama!

Here’s the Blurb for you!

Marian Yoder adores Thomas Groft and can’t wait to marry him. But when her mother is admitted to a sanitarium, Marian is forced to become mother to her baby sister.

When it becomes doubtful that Mama will ever recover, Marian knows she can’t leave her father or baby sister to marry Thomas. They wouldn’t survive without her.
Struggling against feelings of resentment and entrapment, Marian clings to her God. When she learns her mother has run away, her faith is tested to the near breaking point. Can her mother be found and brought home safely? Will there ever be a way for Marian to marry Thomas?

Find out TODAY in Amish Days: Missing Mama!  Just click below! (I think you’ll fall in love with Thomas, too!)

GRAB Missing Mama HERE!

Thank you, Friends! I hope you love it! Please feel free to share this with anyone who enjoys an entertaining clean romance!

As always, thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you!

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Amish Romance for You!


Greetings Friends!  I hope those of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying a lovely fall. Today, we’re announcing the release of the latest Hollybrook Amish Romance Short Story!

Here’s the blurb to give you a little taste: (I hope you enjoy it!)

During rumspringa, Marian Yoder befriends an Englisch girl—never dreaming it will lead her to the Internet and a blog of her own. Nor could she imagine her blog would catch the eye of the handsome Englisch guy, Roger Young. Marian finds herself getting sucked further and further into their exciting world. But her mother’s bizarre and frightening behavior brings turmoil and danger. When Amish Thomas Groft turns his eye toward Marian, she’s caught in the middle. Can she reject her newly found freedom and dear new friends? Or is fear for her mother and the interest of Thomas enough to pull her back to the fold?

Find out today in The Amish Blogger! Now at a Special Price and ALWAYS FREE on KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Grab it Here Today!

Thank you, readers, for your wonderful support. I love receiving your letters and enjoy your positive reviews on Amazon! You are greatly appreciated.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!



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In the Mood for a Sweet Romance?


Greetings, Friends!

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful month of June! I must admit that summertime makes me happy. I love to take walks, play in the water, and dig in the dirt!  🙂  How about you?  (Hmmm….I just realized that description makes me sound like a puppy! Ha!!)

Here’s an Announcement for your Reading Pleasure. . . . . . 

I have a special bundle of AMISH Romance Stories for you today! You can grab the all three in this boxed set for less than a dollar! Only 99 cents for a limited time!

Here’s the rundown:

Follow Hope’s love story! Be there when she falls in love with Abram . . . be there when she is forced to leave her home and her love . . . be there when she returns only to face Abram’s rejection.

How can her dreams possibly work out? Has God forsaken her? Will Abram heal and change his mind about their marriage?  Find out in Amish Days: Hope’s Story.

Click Here to take advantage of this Deal!

I hope you enjoy it!

And let me know what you’ve been doing lately. Any vacation plans? I love hearing from you…

As always,


Grab Hope’s Story for Less than a Dollar! 🙂


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Do You Love Sweet Amish Romance?


Greetings Friends!  Do you love sweet romance? Do you enjoy taking a short, pleasant break from your routine? If so, you’ll enjoy Amish Days: Missing Abram! This is an Amish romance short story which I hope you’ll love! You can give it a try for only 99 cents! (If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s FREE!)

Click here to immerse yourself in the intriguing world of Amish romance!


And for those of you who want a bit more info, here’s the blurb:

Abram disappeared in the heat of the summer. Some suspected that he’d returned to the Englisch. Rumors hinted that he had a girl there. Hope refused to believe it. He must have had a good reason for leaving. Surely, he didn’t want to reject their Amish community and their way of living. For years, Hope had prayed for a life together with Abram. A home together. Children together. Was it all a fantasy? Was it never to be? And would his cousin Josiah fill the space he’d left?

Find out in Amish Days: Missing Abram.

Let me know how you like it! I love hearing from you.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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Woo Hoo! Introductory Price!

TheReturn 500x750Greetings, Friends!  It’s here! Ocean Mist, Book Three!

The Return is presently on sale for only 99 cents! It will be at this special introductory price for a limited time, so grab your copy today!  Click here!

This book is about Tiffany. One of my dear friends called her the anti-hero. I’d never thought of her that way until he mentioned it. And he’s right. Tiffany is sassy, snarky, and hurting. She makes rash decisions and tries to hold everyone at arm’s length. She tough, raw, and bitter.

Not a real successful combination.

In The Return, you can climb inside her head. Escape for a few hours with Tiffany — find out whether she survives herself. And find out whether “Fresh Meat” Connor can charm his way into her heart.

Grab it here! Ninety-nine cents for a limited time!

Thank you, friends!  I hope you enjoy The Return!

Let me know what’s going on in your lives, and leave a comment below. (I love reading your comments!)

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Discover why two of the keywords are death and runaway.


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Now Released!


Greetings, Friends!  I’m over-the-moon excited to introduce you to Lizbet’s Lie. You know how some books just get to you when you read them? They wrench your emotions from the bottom of your gut?

Well, this book did that to me while I was writing it. The characters made me so mad! They would NOT cooperate. And they were downright mean. Lizbet didn’t deserve it. Not even a little.

Here’s the blurb:

Assaulted and pregnant, sixteen-year-old Lizbet Morgan is shipped off to give birth in secrecy and hand her baby over to strangers. When she returns home to her family’s strict religious community, she is expected to pick up where she left off.

But the nightmare isn’t over. Her friend Johnny isn’t the only one asking questions, and Lizbet fears that the reason for her absence will soon be discovered.  She must decide whether to tell the truth or continue to obey a religious system that forces her to tell intolerable lies.

And a little taste:

I carefully re-folded the letter and slipped it into my pocket. I left my room and nearly smacked into Susanna. I attempted to walk around her in the narrow hallway, but she blocked my path.

“Johnny is not available,” she said, her voice tight.

“No one in our community is,” I said and pushed her to the side.

“I mean it, Lizbet. You were gone, like, forever, and things changed.”

I paused at the head of the stairs, turned to her, and glowered. “I’m aware.” I stepped down the stairs, being careful to tread as if on eggshells.

Ned stood at the door of his truck, waiting for me. He seemed jumpy, as if he couldn’t wait to leave. “Got it?” he asked.

I pulled out the letter and handed it to him. “Maybe she’ll be out in the living room and you’ll see her.”

He opened the truck door and climbed into the seat. He put his face close to mine. “Maybe I’ll get lucky.”

“Momma will have a fit.”

“I told Dad I was running an errand.”

“He didn’t question you?”

“He’s not Momma.”

“She’ll die if she knows.”

“Lizbet, I’m merely delivering a letter to your former roommate. What’s so weird about that? It’s only natural you’d be close to her, considering you lived together for months. Even Momma could understand that.”

“Oh, she’d understand, but she wouldn’t approve.”

“She doesn’t know Farah’s story.”

“It’d be worse if she did.”

Ned sighed and grasped the steering wheel. He knew I was right. “I’m delivering a letter. Period.”

I took a step back so he could close the door. He rolled down the window.

“Tell her I miss her,” I said.

He nodded. “Will do.” He rolled the window back up, and I heard him shift into gear. With a light spray of gravel from the back tires, he was off.

I stood and watched him go. I wished I was in the truck with him. Not to go back to the Home — no, never. But to get away from our community, yes.

Oh, I so hope you’ll want to grab this book up! Click Here to purchase!

Let me know what you think of it. I’d love to hear.

And as always, thanks for stopping by.



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New Release!

CoverCorneredHello, Friends! I’m excited to announce the release of Cornered, Ocean Mist Book Two. On the cover, you might recognize Courtney from Seeking Christmas. After writing Seeking Christmas, I simply couldn’t let Courtney go. There was more story to be told! 

Here is the blurb for Cornered:

Seventeen-year-old Courtney Phillips is striving to earn an internship to escape from her unhappy home. But when her mother becomes ill, Courtney is stuck caring for her rebellious sister, Tiffany, and her little brother—until Tiffany runs off to live with their dead-beat dad.

Track star Keegan Hank’s current girlfriend is cheating on him, but having fallen for him herself, Courtney is afraid to tell her best friend the truth. When Keegan discovers that Courtney withheld the facts about his girlfriend, he rejects her apologies.

Courtney finally lands an interview for her dream internship, but mysterious calls from Tiffany spell trouble. Courtney must now find a way to win Keegan’s love and rescue her sister without jeopardizing her own future.

Here’s a short excerpt for you:

The phone rang in Mrs. Johnson’s calculus class, and I sank into my chair with dread. She scuffled to answer it, clucked a few times into the receiver, and pressed it to her chest. Peering at us over her glasses, she zoned in on me.

“Courtney, please report to the office.”

A few of the kids snickered, probably with relief. I stood to leave and glanced over at Keegan.

He brushed a few strands of hair away from his deep brown eyes and offered me his sympathy face. I grimaced, shrugged, and pushed through the door into the empty hallway. My flats clacked out my progress with a hollow echo.

The secretary, Mrs. Pellan, waited for me in the office, perched behind the counter like a judgmental owl. “Courtney Phillips, this is getting to be a habit.”

“My mom again?” I asked, already knowing her answer.

“Yes, and we simply can’t have you interrupted at all hours with these calls. Mr. Anderson is not a happy camper, young lady.”

I sighed and held out my hand for the phone.

“Court? Are you there?” Mom’s whiny voice trembled through the line.

“I’m here, Mom. What’d she do this time?”

“The middle school just called, and Tiffy didn’t show up for school again. You know I count on you to get the kids off in the morning.” She paused for a huge gasping breath. “Didn’t you take her to school? She didn’t walk, did she? You and I both know…”

I held the phone away from my ear, letting her ramble into the air. Nosy Mrs. Pellan left her chair and inched closer, her eyebrows raised in a thin V across her forehead. I knew from experience Mrs. Pellan loved any hint of gossip. I pressed the phone back to my ear.

“…since she can’t do it alone.” Mom had finished her tirade.

“Yes, Mother,” I said.

“So you’ll do it then?”

“Give me a replay.”

Mom’s voice quacked an octave higher. “Courtney Phillips, have you listened to one word I’ve said? Now get over there to the middle school and find your sister.”

I handed the phone to Mrs. Pellan. “I have to go. Mom will explain. I’ll sign out, but I’m not sure I’ll be back.”

I scribbled my name and the time on the clipboard lying on the counter. I dashed out before Mrs. Pellan could return to lecture mode.

It wasn’t my fault.

But then it never was.


I hope you’ll want to grab a copy for yourself! My hope for you is some special carved-out time to relax and  enjoy escaping to Ocean Mist for awhile!

Cornered is available at all the major online retailers, including the following:

Amazon            Barnes and Noble       Smashwords 

Thank you so much, Friends! I appreciate your support.  Have an absolutely lovely week before Christmas! Do you have anything special planned? I’d love to hear from you.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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